Monday, December 10, 2007

Things to Check Out - 12.10.07

Here's what I meant to say:
Children see some 10,000 TV adverts a year and recognise 400 brands by age 10.

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Thank you for the JaC link.

I'm not at all impressed with Harrah's giving. Did you notice that some (read: most) of their "charitable" giving is as required by their agreements with local and state players (read: how they got permission to operate their casino's in the first place?)

Sorry, I just mostly have it in for casinos. The entire industry is built on lies, and *very* associated with fake sex as well. And a *lot* of people are getting hurt. Badly. It strikes me as the industry with perhaps the *highest* dichotomy between appearance and reality of *any* industry in the U.S. And harrah's is, I'm pretty sure, the single biggest player in the industry.

I'm not impressed. At all.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the insight. I think you're right on with many of your comments.