Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Up for Trying Something?

So, here I go - trying the concept of video blogging. We'll see how long it lasts.

Today's topic: the important of simply trying. It's the first step, after all:

Just Try It from Sam Davidson on Vimeo.

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Love this, Sam. Yay for video blogging! You're such a great speaker, I'm excited to "see you" more often.

Rebecca - thanks for the link. Sam - just what I needed to hear today!

awesome man! love the vlog. I've been toying with the idea myself (is that my 1 thing to try? ;-))

what software u use to put it together?

Rebecca's Mom

12:57 PM

Sam, I'm so impressed! Rebecca is right, you are a great speaker. You made my day and today it would have taken a BIG DEAL to make it. Thanks!

Great video Sam. Video blogging is a nice change up - and it puts a face with the name for those who may not know you. Bravo!


Sam, I really like this video. Thanks!

Loved this - your conversational tone is awesome, you're just like you in real life :)

And what a great message, too.

Looking forward to more!

And thinking maybe I need to do something with this little camera staring me in the face every day, haha!

Thanks for all of the very kind comments from each of you. It means a lot.

So, I guess I'll keep this thing going - as long as I have something worth saying.

And, I'd encourage anyone with a camera to start telling their stories. It's totally worth it.

Yes, this worked for me. I'll be back, Sam. PaulinRI