Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Thought About Work/Life Balance

So here's the deal: count on a new video post each Monday and Thursday. I'll talk about saving the world, social media, nonprofit management, big ideas, personal development, dreaming big dreams - you get the picture.

And, I'll upload them on both Vimeo (a better, slicker interface) and YouTube (so you can watch me on your iPhone).

Today, from the road, I'm talking about work and life. Enjoy:

One Thought on Work/Life Balance from Sam Davidson on Vimeo.

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Comments (4)

I really think all of your vlogs in the future should be shot while driving, or you could blue-screen it and have a fake background going. You know, you driving through the old-west, the Roman empire, etc. A whole new level of excitement and danger while you talk about saving the world.

In all seriousness - this is a great, simple idea that is so easy to forget. Live in the now, be in the moment. It's not easy to do as we are constantly looking ahead to 'what's next' but for our own sanity, and to maintain that balance, it's critical to exist in the 'now'. Enjoy WV!

A thoughtful and timely message during this season of Lent...

Sam I like this post and the video format. Thought about video on my site but haven't got there yet.

You're right about work-life balance. It is about connecting with friends or family and just being the moment...

Thanks for all the kind comments. Clearly, we all agree that being present and being in the moment is an important part of living a meaningful and balanced life.

So, then - why is it so hard to do?