Monday, September 22, 2008


About how walkable Nashville isn't. For what it's worth.

Look on page 2.

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Its definitely a car culture but a lot of people make do. Our house, even though its out on the edge of Nashville in a area that was never planned to be walkable, is still within walking distance of 2/3 of my kids' schools, our church, the library, a couple of grocery stores, restaurants, etc. We just had to be really intentional about where we bought which was a bit hard with our budget, but we did it. Phil has to drive, but if he were to transfer to the closer school he could walk or ride a bike too. And we are in a working class neighborhood. A lot of neighbors work in construction and related jobs and will walk to the bus. Wish there were more sidewalks, but sometimes I think the sidewalks don't come until the powers that be see a need (ie people walking).

Good point, Indie. Lots of communities can be walkable, if we put forth the effort. I think lots of Nashvillians don't/won't do as you have, but I wish they would.

And, agreed on the sidewalk front.