Monday, October 29, 2007

Who Moved My City?

A few weeks ago, a headline ran in a business report that read:
Denver moved' to the Midwest
At first glance, the headline is humorous. After all, how could an entire city by moved? Companies and families relocate frequently, and there are enough planning, hiccups and headaches that go into that. So how could an entire city by uprooted and moved somewhere?

Of course, Denver didn't go anywhere...

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Comments (2)

Interesting question you pose. I wonder if I will recognize the Nashville of my youth when I look at it later on with much older eyes. And will I be proud of it? And what role will I have offered if any. Is the answer, my friend, blowing in the wind?

Nice music by Jesca Hoop in the background, too. She's playing at the Exit/In tonight and I'm missing the show. But thanks to your post, I'm enjoying her music anyway.

Good questions.

Basically, I think that cities change. We have to do our part to make sure they change well and for the better.

Jesca opened at this event. She was great.