Saturday, August 11, 2007

Remarkable World

Lynnette and I are headed out tomorrow for a short vacation at Disney World.

We've got no kids, but still choose to spend time relaxing near the Magic Kingdom. We're celebrating Lynnette's exodus from where she was as she enters the promised land of where she wants to be.

So, I won't be posting Things to Check Out here for the next few days. But, if you want to check me out, I'll be swimming in the morning, reading until lunch, riding some roller coasters, floating on the lazy river at Blizzard Beach, and eating some delicious food.

See you Friday at our birthday party.

Comments (2)

cool lynette is moving.. nice!


4:08 PM

Actually floating down the lazy river sounds cool & refreshing right now. I could enjoy that relaxation in the heat. Hope you all have a wonderful time, and I also hope you put some pictures in your blog or email some. I'm happy for you Lynnette, that you are persuing new adventures in your career.

Auntie B n Tx