Friday, June 15, 2007

Things to Check Out - 6.15.07

And, there is such thing as an MRS. Degree. Here's the ironic program description, from the course catalog:
"The College at Southwestern endeavors to prepare women to model the characteristics of the godly woman as outlined in Scripture," a description of the program reads. "This is accomplished through instruction in homemaking skills, developing insights into home and family while continuing to equip women to understand and engage the culture of today."
Wonderful. Nothing 'engages the culture of today' like offering a homemaking degree.

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Don't be denigrating homemaking. But seriously, why couldn't they just offer a degree in family and consumer sciences which the women might be able to use for something if they ever needed to.

No denigration intended.

But I do wonder if this class in open for pastors' husbands as well...

I would doubt it due to the use of words like "women" and "woman", unless the pastor is a lesbian or a female pastor's male husband genitalially confused. Which is very much possible in the American "culture of today".

It could be inherently denigrating if it's the only major option women are given. My impression is that that's the direction Southwestern is headed. Although I guess they still encourage women to be missionaries and children's ministers...


8:11 AM

Being a Southern Baptist Seminary Student, my guess is this is another money making idea by Southern Baptists. They are offering a degree program that appeals to students' wives so they will pay them more money to get a pointless degree. It gives the wives something to do other than work while there husband is getting his masters degree. Which will put the couple even more in debt upon graduation. Way to go Southwestern!