Thursday, May 17, 2007

Workshop One: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Marketing

This workshop is led by Allen Nance, president of the Mansell Group.

To start:
  • The Internet is as 'hot' as it was ten years ago. In fact, it's 'red hot.'
  • Marketing and technology people don't get along.
  • In the nonprofit world, people handle both.
Nonprofits need a comprehensive strategy that encompasses technology, fundraising, personnel, and marketing. Often times, nonprofits try to retrofit technology to make it do something it wasn't supposed to do in order to cut costs. But, this can be detrimental. So, how can nonprofits make the most of their technology budgets, however small or large they may be?

Lots of times, technology people spend money on technology that will be used by people not even in the room when the decision was made. That conversation needs to be expanded to include end users, whether they be employees or volunteers. If this doesn't happened and the end users hate the new technology, negative results will ensue. The solution lies in cross-functional teams that make all technology decisions.

The next phase of this whole thing (technology and marketing) will be all about prediction models. What will happen if we send this mailer out? What will happen if we sent 1,000 more emails? What will happen if we targeted these people?

Comments (4)

I agree with you. Local to Indy, I've been working with non-profits and it's refreshing! They see the opportunity and are excited about it. It's still simply too difficult today, though. I hope to help them get to a tipping point!

i'd love to get your notes from this workshop!

Thanks for stopping by, Douglas. Glad to hear you're helping out the nonprofit folks. The rewards are definitely there!

And Gavin, you want the notes? You just got 'em all.

Thanks for sharing Sam - having spent a number of years in non profit ministry (and a few non-profitable businesses - ha!), to me, a greater sense of stewardship for non profits makes the team work smarter; technology should be used for communication excellence (internal and external)... very rewarding when the end result is changed lives.