Monday, May 21, 2007


So I've been at Panera for 3 hours now working on the book.

For half of that time, there's been an old(er) guy here, reading the paper, doing a crossword or two, and secretly thinking he can drink more coffee than me (free refills at Panera).

Who will give in and leave first? I'll be here for 2 more hours until my friend Ann lands from Austin. Certainly, he won't stay that long?!?!

Update #1 (12:45 PM): It's been a hour and this guy doesn't look like he's going anywhere. He just got a muffin and more coffee. The crosswords are done, but he's just starting on the USA Today.

Update #2 (1:15 PM): My friend's flight is earlier and I need to bail in 45 minutes. This will be close.

Update #3 (6:15 the next morning - sorry I forgot to say who won): I lost.

Comments (3)

Adam Bugg

11:27 PM

aren't you supposed to at least give a final update to let your readers know what happened?

dude you gotta let me know next time you're out in my neck of the woods. i work from Panera quite often (and am actually sitting here now).

i'm sorry i made you lose...