Wednesday, May 09, 2007


A new report out by the Pew Internet and American Life Project finds that just 8% of people live the Web 2.0 life. Only 8% of people use most of the tools available to them in terms of social networking, blogging, and other newer forms of communication.

I thought the number would have been higher, given the vast amount of people Facebook-ing and MySpace-ing. David Utter has some good analysis of why this number is (seemingly) low.

The uber-connected life is one mainly lived by 20-year olds that Utter thinks will be replaced with things like family, career, and other responsibilities as these people age.

I don't think these people will regress to the days of the rotary dial phone or black and white TV, but I agree that their blogging activity or Second Life fun may wane as they want to spend time with their children or attend events with friends.

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Thanks for the mention, Sam. I miss rotary phones. When a rotary phone rang, it sounded important. Nelly Furtado ringtones just don't have the same impact.

Thanks! I know what you mean about the ringtones - that's why I keep mine neutral.